RE/MAX Crest Westside Top Producers Annual Luncheon Is A Hit With Our Associates!

Each year we convene for a special luncheon, Crest Westside Top Producers Luncheon, that is by invitation only to those associates who have achieved earnings in the previous year that put them in the top 10% of the REALTORS® members of the Real Estate Board of Great Vancouver and qualifiers in the RE/MAX Platinum Club and up.

Our busiest agents rarely have time to attend our company functions but this is one they will not miss. It is dedicated to them and is solely for them to mingle, socialize, get to know each other better and to congratulate each other on another productive year.

This year we broke all previous records and had over 70 of our associates at the event. That is over 30% of our agents! It was a banner year. What we love about this event as a management team is the sharing of stories and chat about what made a difference for them by being a part of our very productive group.

Here is a perfect example of what gets shared:

“At the lunch last week I sat beside Michael McWilliams who moved to our West 7th office last January. I asked him how he’s liking being with RE/MAX now that he’s been with us for a year. He said that the move has been life changing. He said that he can count at least 5-6 transactions he got this past year that he would have never gotten had he been with his previous firm. The brand alone has proven to be very powerful in his business. He said that he’s chatting with 3 agents from his firm about the options with RE/MAX!” – Director of Career Development, Cassidy Bast.

What better purpose in life can there be than helping a person become the best they can be and build the life they want to live.

– Deborah Upton